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Whole Site Design

Sometimes it pays to create a complete vision to work from so that construction costs are optimised by building each layer over the entire site from bottom to top, or working from one end to another minimising disturbance of completed areas and optimising the use of bulk haulage and other contractors. We can work with your architect and building contractors or design and implement whole site aesthetic earthworks in consultation with you.
To have all your design elements working together and a complete site water flow management system, Whole Site Design is the safest way to go.


Something magic happens when a slope is transformed into a series of accessible interconnected surfaces that are amenable to walk or drive on. Previously uncomfortable sloping land becomes an inviting and useful place ready for human activity. Terraces have always inspired the imagination. They make things possible.
Essentially good landscape design is all about the transitions, and terracing is one of the power tools in the transformations tool kit.
We can seed or turf your terraces and surface them with peddles and gravels. If you require specialist masonry based projects we will connect you with stone masons or work alongside your trusted professionals.

Garden Banks

Colour and variety can transform the experience of a property, season by season. Garden banks can be built in many shapes and forms, structured as topographic features used to separate the outdoors into “rooms” creating spaces with a unique feel.
We love creating curvaceous and shapely banks for gardens that can change the very identity of your property from the ground up.
We can design plantings using the best suited plants to your local situation, sourcing the best and best value materials and plants to establish your garden. Alternatively on larger projects we will hire in our planting experts for you to take on any scale of project requiring plants of any type, sourced from anywhere.

large scale
landscape shaping

This is not for the faint hearted. Big transformations take a big vision, big equipment and to be successful time and attention to lots of very small details. These projects are only taken on with the client guarantee that they are funded to complete stages and surfaces. If you are one of the rare people in a position to enact a larger vision across your property, and you want something special lets talk.


The perfection of a still pond sitting nestled into a landscape is always a highlight of any property.
Old farm dams can be transformed, doubling their power as both water supply and an aesthetic feature in the landscape. Adding habitat for wildlife and a diversity of new plants is always a good thing, and new garden ponds always add new life to every garden. Why not..

"Shape Your Land - Shape Your Life"