Every Piece of land has more potential.

Rarely do we find an existing home where the site was prepared with the end-game of living both inside and outside well considered and shaped before the building is built. No matter how steep getting a great shape at the start is always the best way to go.

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Better Access

Many access issues and improvements are often most easily and aesthetically achieved with modest changes in height that can be accommodated with curved banks and sweeping ramps. Not only are they friendly to people with mobility issues, allowing them to live longer on their favourite slopes, they are cheaper to construct, easy to maintain and repair, and create great planting areas to bring colour and vibrancy to a space. Cheap concrete block work always looks tacky in the long term and in wider spaces is rarely even needed.

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Better Surfaces

The material under your feet matters. Combining turfed areas and great gravels are our speciality. Compacted stone dusts and pebbles are a timeless solutions to making surfaces both beautiful and very functional. With effective edging strategies for the particular situation, stylish designs are possible even for very large areas. Unlike hard sealed surfaces the ageing process is gentle with gravel and turf, with minor repair and maintenance being a permanent solution especially if the lower layers are built and compacted correctly with good drainage design. There are gravel gardens in China and Japan that have the same gravel from hundreds of years ago. That is how to invest long term.

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"Shape Your Land - Shape Your Life"


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